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Map of Thomoria


The Mountains of Thom are one of the most prominent features of the Canaur landscape. The mountains start at the Southeast corner of Agnon, at the border to Ulfara. They then drag Southwest into Bocktal, cutting clear through Eisendorn, Starkerbaum, western Ulfara, and just kissing the eastern border of MacSheala.

Immara is a coastal nation, due in large part to the infertility of the ground inland. The large stretch of coast and peninsula make for ideal harvesting of the sea. The coastline is dotted with coves which provide sanctuary for Immara’s massive marine farming ships. Kelp and fish are harvested in great numbers to feed the populace. Rice patties can be seen in the few areas which are fertile.
Towards the Peninsula de Mesa, the elevation increases, eventually become a plateau on which the capital fortress-city of Stormhold sits, surrounded by sheer cliffs and the raging ocean below.